ESONT Online Courses

ESONT 2021 – Online Courses – Don’t miss it!

This year ESONT will hold 5 Online Courses during the ESCRS 2021 Congress that will be available on-demand to all ESCRS 2021 participants via the virtual platform.

Course 1

Title: Sterilization in ophthalmic settings
Speaker Name: Margarita Acebal
Duration: 45 minutes

Course 2

Title: Ordering, Performing and Reading a Visual field
Speaker Name: Liz Tomlin
Duration: 45 minutes

Course 3

Title: OCT for nurses and technicians
Speaker Name: Miriam Cargnoni (ESONT board member, orthoptist)
Duration: 40 minutes

Course 4

Title: There’s more to Biometry than pressing the button?
Speaker Name: Lyn Millbank Orthoptist DOBA (Aus)
Duration: 40 minutes

Course 5

Title: Corneal Topography
Speaker Name: Nikos Astyrakakis
Duration: 40 minutes